5 Little Things That We Girls Want From You Guys

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Dating expert Naomi sheds some light on what women really want.nay

It’s no secret as to why relationships can be tricky. Let’s face it – I’m sure a lot of you guys would agree that we women can be a pretty complicated species at times. However, I’m here to tell you that this really isn’t the case. Believe me when I say that – in general – we’re easily pleased!

Sometimes, it’s just nice to have it spelled out for you. Neither guys nor girls are mind readers, so a gentle nudge in the right direction might just take you from being the good guy to the great guy. It really couldn’t be simpler. Speaking on behalf of the female population, I can safely assume that these are the 5 things that we girls want from you guys…


Good ol’ fashioned chivalry

There’s nothing we girls love more than good ol’ fashioned gentlemanly gestures. Sure, to the world, holding a door open may seem like nothing but to the girl you’re dating, it’s a sign of being a true gent. Of course, I’m not suggesting you put your coat down over every puddle you come across – this simply isn’t feasible given the amount of rainfall we get in Britain! – but maybe pulling out a chair every once in a while will show your girl that you see her as a lady, and there’s some massive man points to be gained by doing so.


A bit of prioritising never goes a miss

This definitely doesn’t mean you should cancel all plans at the drop of the hat to put your woman on a pedestal, but what it does mean is that – from time to time – we need to be made to feel more important than a Playstation or the Premier League. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve definitely got to have your time with the boys, but always be sure to treat your girlfriend (or the girl you’re dating for that matter) like she’s number one. Trust me, with this approach, we’re putty in your hands.


It’s the little things that count

To women, the little (slightly sentimental) things are the ones that mean the most. But sometimes, guys just don’t think about it. I’m not saying your thoughtless, but these things really are that little that they don’t take much thought at all! Tiny gestures show you’re thinking of your significant other, and this makes us weak at the knees. Send us a nice text, treat us to a little something we like, leave us a letter by the bed, spell our names in spaghetti hoops – the list is endless – and by God, we’ll love you for it.


There’s nothing wrong with being an old romantic

There really is no need to teach an old dog new tricks because when it comes to wooing, the old ones really are the best. We don’t want thousands of pounds be spent on us, we’re happy with a bunch of flowers from the petrol station for goodness sake. Any slightly romantic gesture get us women going – we’re complete suckers for romance. In fact, I’m gonna save you some time – never bother to ask a girl whether she likes flowers, because the answer will always be yes. Oh and bonus points if they’re a surprise, you sneaky devil!


Slowww down (between the sheets)

Guys, we really do LOVE sex just as much as you do. It’s a whole lotta fun but don’t forget that it can be a little harder (and a take a little longer) for us to reach our happy ending. There’s no need to go full speed ahead like a Duracell bunny and bang your way to a 1-0 finish because there’s nothing worse than lying there scantily clad and spectacularly dissatisfied. Just remember that sex, like relationships in general, needs no rushing. Focus on foreplay and make sure that the score’s 1-1 at the least (because, you know, multiple orgasms…)


It’s pretty simple when you think about it, right? A few cheesy text messages, holding a door open, a bunch of flowers, a bit of prioritising and going down at the right times (see what I did there?) can make you the man that every girls dreams of. I’ve no doubt that you guys already do these things, but making these tiny gestures a bit more often will definitely prove to you how easily pleased we are. Trust me, it’s a pretty accurate guide to what we girls like (and want) so take heed of these words. Oh and guys, just remember…

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By day, Naomi is the Director of Lucky52 – a new and innovative social media & blogging agency based in Glasgow, but by night, she takes the form of “The Naomi Narrative” – a dating, sex & relationships blogger discussing real life rendezvous to reveal the truth behind trysts.

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