5 Of The World’s Spiciest Dishes

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Think you can handle hot and spicy food? Then you’ll probably fancy giving one of these a try.

Prepare yourself, here’s our list of the top 5 spiciest food dishes in the world.

5) Sichuan Huo Guo (Hot Pot) – Various restaurants in Sichuan, China.

This is absolutely nothing like the Lancashire version, it’s hot in the extreme terms. This traditional dish brings various foods together, including beef, vegetables, and even pig brain, duck blood and cow’s throat! However it’s the addition of the local pepper oil that makes this super spicy.

sichuan huo guo

4) Neua Pad Prik – Thailand and Indonesia

If you’re a fan of Thai food and can handle your spice, you’ll love this. It’s made by mixing  pieces of beef with basil, garlic and of course plenty of birds-eye chili peppers.

neua pad prik

3) Otak Otak – Southeast Asia, Singapore and China

It translates to “brain” and you might lose yours after eating this, it’s that hot! It’s a sort of fish-cake which looks a bit like brains (ok we’re not making it sound very appealing). The grilled fish is mixed with a concoction of spices for create this fiery dish.

otak otak

2) Vindaloo Pork – Goa, India

You may enjoy one down your local curry house, but ones found in Goa will still surprise a seasoned vindaloo eater. It’s the hottest food in India and is made by preserving the pork in red wine, peppers, garlic and spicy curry seasoning and then cooking with THE hottest pepper in the world, “The Bhut Jolokia” also know as the ghost pepper.

vindaloo pork

1) Widower Curry – England

Yes, it’s called the “Winower” and yes, you can get it here in the UK. The dish was originally served at the Bindi Restaurant in Grantham, however is available at other restaurants after the Bindi closed in 2014. The spice for this dish comes from 20 Naga chilies, the second hottest chili peppers in the world, which are added to the dish. The first customer to eat the whole of the “world’s hottest dish” was actually a doctor, but we’re pretty sure he didn’t recommend it to his patients afterwards as he suffered from hallucinations after eating it!

widower curry

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