Comfort Food … Remastered

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For the majority of us to feel good – we need to eat healthily and keep fit… but doing this consistently is a battle. We can all keep it up for a while… but the cravings for junk food and naughty treats always seems to hit!

Being a Chef I am always experimenting with new flavours and ideas however sometimes I just want some of the old school classic comfort food.  Below I have outlined a simple way of making your favourite meals into something healthy and even more delicious!

The great thing about pizza is that you can put whatever you want to on top! The doughy base is often what makes it heavy!
An alternative is this Cauliflower base that is Wheat, gluten and carb free! Check it out here.



Probably up there with my favourite foods of all time!! It’s hard however to find one that isn’t dripping with grease from all sides.
Luckily, making them yourself with this simple recipe you can avoid the fats and also make them as big and tasty as you like! Find the recipe here. (Top tip, Portobello Mushrooms are great for a veggie alternative)


Chicken Nuggets3
I have very fond memories of Chicken nuggets and chips on a Saturday evening at home! However as I get older and stopped climbing trees I have found that the frozen ones don’t do my mid-section any favours.
Making them yourself is so simple, see this recipe that will make the Kernel himself raise an eyebrow! Find the recipe here  (Top tip, swapping out normal chips for Sweet Potato is also a winner)


Spaghetti Bolognese4
Slurping, sipping and slopping those lengths of pasta into your chops is messy (but fun) business!  If you are like me and LOVE a bowl of pasta but find yourself wanting a healthier option then look no further than this Courgette spiralized Spag Bol!
Using courgettes in a spirializer makes them look just like spaghetti, but cooked in Coconut oil, with a healthy pinch of Salt and Pesto… it can be life changing!  Check it out here.




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