Famous Tour de France Crashes

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The great race has seen lots of memorable moments throughout its history, but crashes always seem to stick in your mind don’t they? Check out our list of some of the most famous ones here:

Giuseppe Guerini, 1999

Though thankfully this was not a bad crash in terms of injury, it was nearly a extremely costly crash in terms of impact on the race. Nearing the top of the iconic Alpe d’Huez, Guerini was closing in on the greatest victory of his career. Then a silly fan taking a photograph nearly ended his dream. Luckily Guerini was able to pick himself up and still win the stage, but it was a massive lesson to all spectators, keep out of the way!

Laurent Jalabert, 1994

Home favourite Jalabert was left so battered by this crash that it changed the direction of his entire career. He was known as a sprinter before the crash, but after suffering broken teeth, fractured cheekbones and a broken clavicle in a crash at the 1994 Tour, he made a promise to his wife to change his style of riding. When he had recovered from his injuries, Jalabert became a one-day classics specialist rather than a sprinter.

gif_policman fall

Johnny Hoogerland, 2011

The hundreds are cars that travel along with the Tour aren’t normally a danger to the riders. However in 2011, Johnny Hoogerland and Juan Antonio Flecha were clipped by a team car as it stupidly tried to squeeze past them. Being hit by the car wasn’t the worst bit, as the momentum from it caused both rider to crash and sent Hoogerland colliding into barbed-wire fence. Ouch! Hoogerland came off the worst with horrendous gashes on his back and legs. Still to this day, Hoogerland is said to suffer from mood swings, insomnia and back pain as a result of this crash.


Jens Voigt, 2009

At the 2009 Tour fans favourite Jens Voigt suffered a potential career-ending crash and for a few minutes fans were worried that it could have been even worse. Voigt was travelling in excess of 60 mph when he hit a bump in the road. This sent Jens crashing to the tarmac face first and a following motorcycle only just missed him. Voigt lay motionless for several minutes, but thankfully he only suffered a factured cheekbone and severe concussion.

Joseba Beloki, 2003

You may also remember this as the time Lance Armstrong rode across a field after avoiding the fallen Beloki. It was an extremely hot day and as Beloki was descending he hit a patch of melted tarmac which caused him to hit the floor fast and hard. Beloki suffered a fractured femur, broken elbow and wrist, and was never really the same rider again, failing to reach the career heights he had achieved prior to the crash.

gif_2003 stage 9

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