Film Review: Arrival

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Arrival arrived onto our screens without the usual crash bang and wallop commonly associated with this genre. For once it’s actually quite refreshing not to witness The White House or Big Ben get vaporised into a million pieces. Not only is Arrival smart, engaging and powerful but it also asks some pretty big questions about humanity. This is not only one of the must see films of the month, it’s the must see film of the year.

At a time where we’re all asking big questions “How will Brexit pan out?” “What
were they thinking in America?” and “Should I get my brother that new shirt in the
Flintoff range for Xmas?” (Yes obviously) it feels a fitting time for Arrival to be in

Synopsis: Aliens have landed in 12 vessels scattered across the globe and Dr
Louise Banks, a linguist at the top of her game played by Adams is called up to
decipher and translate. One of the vessels has landed in Montana and Dr Banks is
partnered up with physicist Ian Donnelly capably played by Jeremy Renner; for a
change it’s quite not to see Renner not firing off arrows left right and centre.
If you’re expecting bangs and fireworks then Arrival definitely won’t deliver on that
front. However the script leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat, yes it will
take a bit of concentration (but definitely not as mind bending as Inception)

The final chapter of the film is worth it’s weight in gold. Albeit it’s a slightly slow
burner at first, you’ll be thinking about this film for days after. Some of the
underlying questions about humanity and our duty as a species will really hit home.

Verdict: Every now and then a film comes along that sits with you and lingers in
the back of your mind for some time after. Arrival is definitely that and then some.
Arrival is not only haunting but it’s a thrilling twist to your usual take on this genre. If
you see only one film in the cinema this year, Arrival should be it.

You can read more about Arrival here. 




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