Hip Hip Hooray. It’s Hip-Flask Cocktails

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Picture the scene: rolling hills, birds chirping, and air that’s fresher than Febreze. That’s the British countryside alright, but it’s missing one thing: a rambling man, armed with a ‘refreshing’ hip-flask. After all, you’ve got to hydrate before you dehydrate, which is why we’ve created this nifty guide to country cocktails.

When you’re sipping on a Negroni, as you stroll over muddy moors, you’ll feel more regal than a blue-blooded Windsor.

75ml of gin
75ml of Campari
75ml of Martini Rosso

Mix all of the alcohol together in a glass, fill with ice, and then give it a good stir. Once it’s been watered down a bit, strain it into your hip flask. Spiffing!

Imagine going full Del Boy, and lighting a cigar as you’re looking over a viewpoint so good, it deserves its own feature in Countryfile. What could honestly be better than that? Having a Cuban-themed cocktail, that’s what.

125ml of dark rum
50ml of Martini Rosso
25ml of Cointreau
12.5ml of grenadine (a pomegranate syrup)

Grab a glass, pour in all of the ingredients, fill the glass with ice, and then give it a solid stir. Once you’re bored of stirring, you can strain it into your hip-flask. Cheers!

It’s standard to have whisky in a hip-flask, but there’s no need for the standard of that whisky to be standard. Understand? Rum & Raisin is a great twist on an Old Fashioned.

200ml of dark rum
15 raisins
3 tbsp of brown sugar
½ tsp of hot water
4 dashes of chocolate bitters
Pithless orange rind

The night before your walk – add the raisins to the rum, and leave it to soak overnight. The day of your walk – begin by straining the raisin rum. In a separate glass, stir the sugar, hot water, and chocolate bitters. Once the sugar has completely dissolved, add the raisin rum, fill the glass with ice, and stir for 1 minute. After that, throw the orange rind into the mix, and stir for another 2 minutes. When your time’s up, strain the cocktail into your hip-flask. A bit more effort this one, but totally worth it.

Forget coffee – an Espresso Casktini will give you a stronger kick than Bruce Lee. And it’s exactly what you need when you’re slogging through sludge and hiking over hills.

100ml of Jameson Caskmates
25ml of Kahlúa
25ml of Grand Marnier
50ml of espresso (the proper kind)

Mix all the ingredients together, with ice, and give them a good shake for 15 seconds (you can use an old jam jar for this). When you’ve finished showing off your guns, strain the mix into your hip-flask. And that’s your backup energy supply sorted.

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but you should judge a cocktail by its name. This really is as fruity as it gets. It’s the perfect cocktail for a man with a sweet tooth.

25ml of vanilla vodka
25ml of cherry vodka
25ml of peach schnapps
75ml of cranberry
55ml of pineapple.

Like with the Espresso Casktini, you’ll need to mix all of the ingredients together with ice, and give them a strong shake before you strain it into your hip-flask. And then you just need to prepare yourself for that sugar high.

(All recipes have been designed to fill a standard 225ml hip-flask, and they’ve all come from Manchester Odd Bar’s master of cocktails, Sophie de Greenlaw.)

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