How to find ‘The One’

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We’ve all had our fair share of heartache in the past. Times when we were sure we’d found the jeans of our dreams, only to be left with a hole in our hearts (or more likely, our crotch) when we had to let them go.

But find the right pair in the first place, and you might just be able to save yourself some heartache. We’ve picked out some top tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans, to keep you from future domestics with your denim.

Don’t make the same mistake twice

It’s easy to be tempted back into buying the same pair again, but just remember – there’s a reason it didn’t work out before, and things will only end the same way if you go back. When you’re on the hunt for your new jeans it’s good to look for similarities, but don’t try replace your old ones with a clone pair. You want people to know you’ve splashed out on some fresh gear, right?

Make them fit around you

We don’t care what your ex’s might have told you in the past – size matters. A perfect fitting pair of jeans should fit snugly around your natural waist, with no need for sucking in or aggressive belting (you shouldn’t have to try be someone you’re not for them). If you’re fuller around the middle, you might be tempted to go for a smaller size, but opting for a larger pair will actually be more slimming. Don’t believe us? Watch this guide to great fitting jeans then.

Be in it for the long run

When you’re on the prowl for new jeans, don’t just look for something that takes your fancy in the moment, look for something that you think will last long term. If you can’t see yourself in these jeans in a few years’ time, they’re probably not worth it. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with a classic dark wash. Opt for an original blue colour or a dark, slightly faded hue for longevity. As your mum always says, what annoys you now, will annoy you even more in a few years’ time.

They should match your style

This one’s a no brainer, but you and your jeans should be in sync when it comes to style. Try to avoid jeans that will only work with certain items, and instead go for a versatile pair that you’re happy to be seen in at any time.

Don’t rush into anything

So you’ve set your eyes on a great pair, and you’re already envisioning your first trip out to the pub together, but don’t rush into anything just yet. Just as you’d take a lady out on a few dates before bringing her home, give your jeans a bit of a test run too. Have a walk around in them and see how they fit while you’re sat down, before you take the tag off. This way you’re not in for any nasty surprises once it’s too late.

Just make sure they’re the right length

Ok, so we can’t think of any metaphors for this last one, but just make sure your jeans aren’t too long or short. You don’t want Harry half-masts, and you don’t want them to drag on the floor and fray either. A sign of a good length leg is when the hem grazes the bottom of your ankle.

If you are still nervous about getting back out on the field, do not fear. We’ve lined up some first date denim for you, because we want them to work and last.

Listen to the ladies. Here’s what female fashion bloggers had to say about men’s jeans….you might learn something…

[quote]“For me, I like a man’s jeans to be men’s jeans. I always remember when I was younger in school and college, boys would wear women’s skinny jeans for the perfect punk rock look – not good! I think every day wear jeans that are underrated for evening wear, can look really smart for nights out and dinner dates if they fit well and are of good quality. Just make sure they’re definitely for men!”[/quote] – Chloe’s Way

[quote]“I guess in a sense dating can be a lot like finding the ideal pair of jeans; you need to find something that fits just right but doesn’t expose your weaknesses. Much like a waistband we have our ideals of what we might like and then the reality of what we truly need. I would imagine most men fantasise about dating a stunning supermodel but what they really need is a good-hearted, kind and humble wife to raise their children. Compare this to a pair of skinny jeans and they’re incredibly fun and fashionable whilst you’re standing up in them but as soon as you bend over or squat down the seams split and it’s muffin-top central with only a loose fitting t-shirt able to mask such a catastrophe.

And it would be alright if dating was as black and white as choosing either formal or casual jeans but there’s all kinds of variations in between from flared and bell-bottom to cropped, loose-fit, slim-fit or classic-cut and don’t even get me started on colours and denim washes because we’ll be here all day. What it all really boils down to is being comfortable in your own skin because that is the most attractive attribute of any man; you are what you wear so you may as well wear it well and strive for quality apparel that will flatter and enhance yourself as your clothes are undoubtedly an extension of your personality and that’s what we love. So whether you choose the latest fashion or stick to a timeless classic aim for something you’re totally comfortable in so that you’re free to be yourself and/or do squats when we’re watching but actually pretending not to!”[/quote]
– Tracy Kiss

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