How to get over the jeans you loved

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For us men, finding the right pair of jeans is hard. That’s why, when the time comes for us to part ways with our loyal and well-loved jeans, it’s kind of a big deal. It can feel like a huge part of you is missing, and you just don’t know what to do with yourself anymore. We’ve all been there, but it’s going to be okay. Just follow these five simple steps to get over your jean shaped heart break.

1: Acceptance is the first leg

We know it’s hard, but the first step to getting over your heartbreak is accepting that it is over. Your jeans just don’t fit anymore or the damage is done; everything happens to your jeans for a reason. Before you can start making any sort of progress, you need to truly believe that they weren’t the right jeans for you.


2: Cut contact

Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s over, it’s time to cut contact. Be strong, be brave. Throwing your old jeans into a household bin could lead to temporary relapses in which you find yourself waking up on a Sunday morning with your old jeans on, and no recollection of how or why they got there. No. You need to take them away, recycle them or donate to charity where someone else will learn to love them the way you did.

3: Let it all out

The jeans are gone and it’s time to vent. Sometimes it helps to chat things through with a friend so you can figure out what went wrong. Sometimes you just need to cry, and that’s ok too. It’s the 21st century and big boys do cry. Let it all out and let them go. Look back at old photos of you together while cuddling a beer helps, so we hear. But only allow one night of this.

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4: Having fun finding you again

Don’t rush into a new relationship too soon. Those jeans were holding you back and you need to have fun being single again, rediscovering who you are without jeans for a while. Dance around your living room with no pants on, learn to love your body again, and experiment a little. Maybe you’re not even into jeans anymore, maybe you’re a chords kinda guy?

5: There are plenty more jeans in the shop

Once you’re completely over your old jeans, it’s time to jump back into the jean pool. Remember why things didn’t work out to choose a different style, fit or colour. We know that moving on can be daunting, and finding a new pair that live up to the others can be hard, that’s why we have a matchmaking denim shop here at Jacamo. Just call us the Cilla of jeans.

You’re not alone! Bloggers get blue about jeans too …

[quote]I find it hard to let go of a pair of jeans. I love all my favourite denim, they not only look great and have quality, but each pair has a sentiment to them. I can remember wearing certain pairs on a great night out or they hold other good memories. I actually have several pairs which I still can’t bring myself to get rid of, even though they haven’t fit me for years!’ [/quote]– Michael84

[quote]‘It’s hard to know when to walk away, but for me a rip in the crotch is a real deal breaker and clearly has to be the point where you walk away.’[/quote] – Aspire To Be Different 

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