How To: Perfect Date Night At Home

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m08ni888006g_81a3eb28It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together since the invention of swiping right or since the extinction of floppy disks, date night is a big deal. And by having it at home, it can be more successful than an album by Adele. Find your inner Cassanova by checking out
our top tips.

First impressions count, so welcome your date with a drink, and make that drink champagne. It might be a cliché, but it’s a cliché with class. It also comes form just outside of the City of Love, so you’ll basically be giving your lover a dash of Paris. Just a dash though. For that ‘special’ touch, you could mix the champagne with a little something that represents your date’s interests or personality. If they’re a touch on the spicy side, you could add a drop of ginger liqueur. Or if they’re sweeter than sugar-soaked sugar, why not add a little mango purée? Once you get into the swing of things, you should move onto
something with less bubble action, unless you want to feel more bloated than a pufferfish. Wine’s a good go-to because it’s something you can easily share together. If you’re not sure which wine to get, ask your dad. He won’t have a clue but he’ll pretend he does.

Studies have found that Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’ isn’t just an absolute banger: it’s a not-so-subtle hint, with the strongest success rate. But date night isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. So maybe stick to some subtle acoustics to begin with.  If you’re after a 10/10 rating, you could create your own mixtape, movie-style. But if your musical references range from Meat Loaf to Meat Loaf, you might want to choose a ready-made playlist.
Thankfully, there are loads of them available on streaming services. You could even pick a soundtrack from your date’s favourite film, as long as it’s not Jaws. That would be more of a mood killer than your mum popping round.

Don’t be tempted to impress by slugging away in the kitchen all on your own. This isn’t an episode of Come Dine With Me. This is an evening where you and your other half get to spend some memorable time with each other. So, for better or worse, it makes sense that you should cook together. As well as being a better bonding exercise than bathing in superglue,  it also takes the pressure off you. It means you can spend less time worrying about doing Gordon Ramsay proud, and more time having fun. And that’s the whole point of a date. For minimum stress and maximum enjoyment, we recommend pizza. For the
base, you could cheat and buy a pre-made job, or you could put a gastrospin on that scene from Ghost by making your own dough together. For the toppings, prep some of the fiddlier bits before-hand to show you’re still an independent man who don’t need no chef. If you want to light (or relight) your date’s fire, you could do some smart shopping and buy some aphrodisiacs, like avocados and chilies. Or not. Your call.

It might be tempting to stick on a movie and try the old ‘yawn – stretch – drop’ manoeuvre, but ‘Netflix and chill’ has had its day. It’s time to throw your remote out of the window (or something less dramatic), and bring out the board games.
Research has shown that by sacking off the electronics, and going back to a bit of old-fashioned playtime, you can help build a relationship based on trust and intimacy. Unfortunately, that probably means you have to play honestly, so Monopoly might not be the strongest option. We’d recommend something simple, but effective, like Banagrams (a fast-paced, no faff, word game), or you could test your trading skills with the card game, Jaipur. Either way, let the games begin.

Get ready to be hit with a lil’ bit of controversy: don’t bother with a gift. No, this is not a set-up. We are being 100.1% serious. It’s come to our attention that one of the key  ingredients for a tasty date is anything that says ‘effort’. And let’s face it, all that flowers and chocolates say is ‘spare cash’ and ‘conveniently located garage’.
So forget about all of that stuff, and focus on going that extra mile. You’ll thank us for it. Probably.

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