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The lowdown on what sports to expect at the Toronto 2017 Invictus Games:

The 5 hour time difference between the UK and Toronto – Canada means that you won’t catch all of the events live, but the BBC nightly coverage will be bringing the highlights from each day and previous day’s events.

With 17 nations and participants competing in multiple events, theres a lot to see. In 2016 Team GB brought home 131 medals: 49 – Gold, 46 – Silver , 36 – Bronze. Can they beat their record this year?!

Here’s our quick guide to the 12 sports coming up in the week ahead:

1 – Archery

Competitors range from able-bodied to varying disabilities. Archers are allowed to take aim standing or sitting, and using teeth is not out of the question either..

The Archery takes place: Wednesday 27th – Friday 29th September.

Martin Clapton, UK – using his teeth in the finals of 2016 Archery Finals
2 – Athletics

One of the most popular sports, Athletics has the widest variety of track and throwing events between individuals and groups.

The events take place from: Sunday 24th – Monday 25th September.

London Invictus Games – 2014
3 – Cycling

There is road cycling which allows a range of bikes suitable for varying disabilities, a circuit course – Criterium, and a Time Travel event to decide the fastest competitor.

See the cycling on: Tuesday 26th – Wednesday- 27th September.

Central: Jaco Van Gass – Jacamo brand ambassador for Autumn 2017, collecting gold in London 2014 for the Mens Circuit Race. Left: Silver medalist Terry Bryne – UK, and Right: Bronze medalist Henri Rebujent – France.
4 – Golf

Golf is new to the Invictus games for 2017. The first golfer to complete the Eighteen holes with the lowest score wins. Equipment is adapted for ranging disabilities to be able to compete alongside each other.

Golf takes place: Tuesday 26th September.

5 – Indoor Rowing

This event brings simulation of water rowing indoors testing the competitors’ speed; power, endurance and synchronization.

See the indoor rowing from: Tuesday 26th September.

6 – Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge

First up in the Invictus games schedule is the Jaguar and Land Rover driving challenge, where teams from each nation compete through precision gates and score points for their timing and accuracy.

The driving takes place: Saturday 23rd September.

7 – Powerlifting

This is a test of strength between weight classes – with three tries per lift. The trick is to keep arms straight holding the bar still in a bench press, until the referee signals.

Powerlifting is up from: Monday 25th – Tuesday 26th September.

Tim Yule – UK, winning Gold in Powerlifting 2016
8 – Sitting Volleyball

The game begins with a serve from the back of the court, with six players on each side. The team that wins the rally earns the points. When making contact with the ball, players must have one “buttock” or an extension of their torso against the floor.

Sitting Volleyball schedule: Tuesday 26th – Wednesday 27th September.

9 – Swimming

Swimming has a long-standing heritage within parasport. The Invictus events feature freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Former 2016 UK Invictus team Captain, swimmer, and Jacamo Autumn – range brand ambassador David Wiseman, is competing again at Toronto 2017.

Swimming schedule: Thursday 28th – Friday 29th September.

David Wiseman, Swimmer and Former UK 2016 Invictus Captain
10 – Wheelchair basketball

The size of the court and height of the net is the same, but the main difference to able-bodied basketball is that the ball needs to be thrown or bounced after every two pushes of the wheels on the chair.

See the wheelchair basketball from: Thursday 28th  – Saturday 30th September

11 – Wheelchair rugby

This event is fast paced and tough with non-stop player-collison! Taking place indoors on a hardwood court, the teams battle to to reach the goal line with two wheels, in possesion of the ball to earn points.

Rugby is on from: Wednesday 27th – Thursday 28th September

12 – Wheelchair tennis

The Invictus Games holds doubles matches for the Wheelchair tennis compeition. The rules allow players two bounces of the ball on their side before making a return.

 Catch the tennis on: Saturday 23rd – Monday 25th September

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