Jacamo Top 5 Animal Pitch Invaders

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From a chicken wearing a cape to a jack russell putting in a tackle, it would be fair to say that animals and football don’t really mix…especially when they decide to invade a pitch at the most inappropriate moments.

So as we all laughed at the chicken running around Ewood Park over the weekend, the Jacamo team have put together our all time favourite top 5 pitch invaders in the animal form!

Jacamo’s Top 5 Animal Pitch Invaders

The Ewood Chicken

A chicken…wearing a Blackburn Rovers cape. Nope it’s not some random vivid dream after a few pints, someone actually brought a live chicken to the Blackburn V Wigan match last weekend. It escaped and ran onto the pitch. We’d love to know how they managed to sneak that through the turnstiles!

The Anfield Cat

Probably one of the most famous animal pitch invaders (it even has its own Twitter account!), this tabby moggy became an internet sensation when it sauntered onto the pitch during a Liverpool V Tottenham match. But it wasn’t the first, back in 1964 a black and white cat made a brief appearance at Anfield.

The Polish Dog

This dog obviously wanted to be part of the action during this Polish league game between Polonia Bytom and Wisla Krakow. Not a bad effort!

The Munster Jack Russell

Perhaps the funniest thing about this little furry pitch invader has to be that they carry on playing the game around him like he’s part of it! You might even say he did a better job than them too, pretty sure we saw a few tackles from him…

The Old Trafford Mouse

Back in 2010 this little critter popped up on the pitch at Old Trafford during a game between United and West Ham. It even had time to have a bit of a wash too, can’t have been that great a game.

Do you know of any other funny animal pitch invaders? Which is your favourite? Let us know and share! 😀

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