Weird and Wonderful Sandwich Combos

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To celebrate National Sandwich Week (yes, it’s a real thing) why not try something a bit different…

Sometimes, a ham and cheese sandwich just won’t do. Yawnsville. So why not shake up the contents of your butty box with some strange combinations that shouldn’t work, but just do.

Many of these work on the principle of sweet + savoury = awesome. Feel free to experiment on the theme.

Meet the sandwich combinations that are about to challenge the way you make a snack…forever!


Mashed potato and cheese sandwich. It’ll fill you up in a flash and there’s something strangely satisfying about the way it oozes out of the sides, totally justifying the messiest eating you can imagine.

Bacon and pineapple.
We all know and love a gammon and pineapple dinner, but when you haven’t the time to roast a gammon joint, whip up a couple of rashers of think-cut back bacon and top with tinned pineapple rings. Quick, easy and you can tell yourself it’s healthy because it’s got fruit in it.

Microwaved Mars bar and marshmallow sandwich. It’s only as weird as chocolate spread, and a hell of a lot tastier. Microwave the Mars bar for about 10 – 20 seconds, just until it bubbles slightly, not long enough for it to go hard and chewy, then smooth it down across toasted bread.  Throw a few mini marshmallows into the mix and tuck in!

Sausage and Marmalade sandwich. Grill your sausages rather than frying so they’re not too greasy, then slice them in half lengthways. Lay them on a slice of bread and spread another slice with thick-cut marmalade. Throw them together and there you have it: the perfect combo of sweet and savoury.

Banana mayonnaise sandwich on white bread.
We know, we know, the thought probably makes you feel sick, but this weird white wonder really is worth a try. It’s famous internet-wide – it’s even got its own Facebook page! –  and for good reason: once you get over your prejudices, the tangy mayo is a heavenly partner for the banana’s sweetness, and the white bread just works. Go on, you know you want to get involved with the hype.

Cheese and jam
Maybe not as strange now thanks to chutney becoming cool again, but cheddar cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches – preferably in white bread – are very satisfying and moreish. We recommend a white, mature cheddar and a decent quality strawberry jam with seeds to get the most out of it.

Cream cheese and honey
Like a “Greek yoghurt in a sandwich”, this is another slightly unconventional sandwich that works really well. Best served open, on brown crusty bread, with a layer of cheese then a drizzle of honey over the top.

Peanut butter and chilli sauce
The sweet, nuttiness of the peanut butter is a surprisingly fantastic match for the heat and kick of the chilli sauce. A brown, grain-full bread is probably a nice match too, and if you are feeling particularly opulent, maybe swap the chilli sauce out for a chilli jam instead – we imagine that would work as well, if not better!

Choose the healthy option…

Grilled Portobello and goat’s cheese sandwich.  Make a marinade from a bit of balsamic vinegar, a splash of olive oil and a minced garlic clove. Cut up a few bell peppers and any other vegetables you have in your fridge (courgette, aubergine, tomato etc.) and grill them, along with your Portobello mushroom, for around four minutes. Spread a ciabatta roll or a wholemeal pitta with goat’s cheese then pile in the veg. Add some herbs if you fancy; basil and parsley work well.

Blackened salmon and avocado sandwich.
Grill a skinless salmon fillet that has been sprinkled with a bit of Cajun seasoning – it should be done in four minutes or under. Mash up an avocado with a bit of mayo then spread it on a wholewheat roll. Place the salmon in the roll and top with a bit of salad. Delicious!

Tuna, olive and red onion sandwich.
Tuna and red onion is a match made in heaven! You don’t have to add the olives if you’re not keen, but we urge you to give this combo a go.

Poached eggs and mango chutney
Nothing quite beats perfectly poached eggs – unless of course you pair them with the fruity, spicy delights of mango chutney. Although it works well between two slices of bread, it is even better on toast. Top tip – toast your bread, place the eggs directly on top, nick the softly-boiled yolks with a knife, then spoon some chutney over the top.


Drooling yet? What are your fave strange combos?

And whatever you do, keep that sandwich safe wontcha…

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