Style Salute: Tyler Durden in Fight Club

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We might be breaking the first and second rules of Fight Cludurd3b, but with style this good, some rules are just worth breaking. It’s time to talk about Fight Club, and Tyler Durden in particular.

In a film with a good smattering of anti-consumerist messages (“the things you own end up owning you”, being one of the most memorable quotes) it’s interesting that one of the main characters treats audiences to a staggering collection of outfits. But frankly, crazy and charismatic Tyler Durden’s wardrobe makes this film. And it’s about to make your style a whole lot more interesting too…

His style

Tyler fought his way out of the ever-narrowing box that was nineties men’s fashion to deliver a hard punch of masculine style with plenty of twists to keep us interested. His style reflects a mix of punk, rave and seventies-gangster inspiration – remember that red leather jacket and those huge collars? Don’t forget those ‘Brit abroad’ style print T-shirts that make their entrance as the character’s dress sense gets ever more daring: it’s an odd blend but it works.

Tyler’s hair is as iconic as his clothing: short back and sides give way to a messy mop of gelled spikes before he goes for a skinhead, and a decent shadow of stubble gives the impression that he’s got more important things than shaving to worry about. If Tyler Durden worried about anything, that is.

What makes him unique?

Tyler managed to sum up a drifting generation with his trend-blending style, but the result still stands today as a style well worth incorporating into your own wardrobe, especially if you fancy toughening up your look.

How to pull it off

  • fight club red leather jacket-746x1000Don’t fear the leather

It’s true you need to have a certain level of cool to pull off a leather jacket, but there is a shortcut. Just team it with a bold shirt, undo a couple of the shirt’s buttons (we’re talking one or two max) and there it is – welcome to seventies-inspired cool! Extra points if you choose a coloured jacket – brown is perfect.

  • Be a pro at prints

Large or small, bold or subtle, prints can give the impression of a confident guy who doesn’t want to blend into the background. Also, if they’ve got a few different colours in them, printed shirts or T-shirts allow you more freedom with the rest of your wardrobe.

  • Get the balance right

A well-fitting pair of dark jeans on your lower half will balance out any risks you take with the rest of your attire.

  • Get the finishing touches

Tyler wore large coloured sunglasses in bright red or a less garish brown shade. Stick to black shades if you fancy, but do go large.



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