Top 10 Halloween Films on Netflix

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Happy Halloween! (Well nearly…)

It’s that time of year again where we dress up, eat loads of sweets & watch horror films. Well if you’re looking for what to watch Jacamo has complied the Top 10 on Netflix for you fill your Halloween horror needs.


At number ten is The Addams Family. Okay so this isn’t a horror movie but is definitely Halloween-esk & has influenced lots of Halloween costumes over the years.

> Watch this with the family for a chilled yet “spooky” film night.



At number nine is Jeepers Creepers. If you want to watch a movie about someone stealing people’s eyes – this is your movie!

> Watch this a more jumpy film night.



At number eight is Scary Movie. Again not an actual scary movie, but probably the best parody film ever made – and as the title so nominally suggests, its parodies of all scary movies.

> Watch this with mates for laughs and a more relaxed night.



At number seven is The Woman In Black. More of a creepier than horror, and if you can get over the fact Harry Potter is in it, you’ll enjoy the old school creeps!

> Watch this with popcorn & your Hogwarts ticket at the ready.



At number six is Paranormal ActivityThis one is proper creeps & if you’re not great with the paranormal aspect you might want to sleep with the lights on.

> Watch this a cushion so you can hide behind it when things get weird.



At number five is World War Z. More of a thriller than a horror, but still worth the watch. This is currently the world’s highest grossing zombie flick!

> Watch this if you like the idea of Brad Pitt going bad ass on some zombies.



At number four is Child’s Play. This one is about a serial killer and voodoo practitioner that is trapped within a child’s doll. If you’ve got kids and lots of dolls this might be one to miss …

> Watch this in a doll-less house, unless you want to have nightmares they’re all going to kill you.

Wanna play?? 80s horror movies | Best 80's Horror Movies



At number three is Insidious. If you want a film with a haunted house, evil children and spookiness  – this is the film for you.

> Watch this with others if you don’t want to start imagining things being moved by ghosts. 



At number two is Saw. Now this is bloody. There’s no lying or getting around it. If horror and gore are not your thing (then why are you reading this) then this isn’t your film.

> Watch this with the lights on & a brown paper bag in case you want to throw up …

This film is about a psycho killer who likes to play games and kill people who have done wrong in their life time.



At number one is Scream. Although this isn’t the scariest movie on the list – it is the most iconic. Scream manages to do a lot of thing that horror films couldn’t do at the time – scare us and keep it interesting.

> Watch this with your Scream mask on.

Scream (1996) (R) 1hr51min  Stars: Neve Campbell, Drew Barrymore, Courtney Cox, David Arquette Director: Wes Craven  Writer: Kevin Williamson Story: A masked serial killer is striking at a small town in California and one girl who uses the rules of horror movies to survive, finds herself in a real one  Critics Praise: 80%  Audience Praise: 79%


These are all available to watch on Netflix over the spooky season – so get watching and let us know what you think!

(All images are taken from & image rights belong to the respective film studios)

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