Your 10 Summer Festival Essentials

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festival-header-imageIt’s festival season and the the weather is getting better by the day it means one thing, it’s time to get excited and party! This festival checklist will mean that you’ve got everything covered from your wellies to your toiletries. No chance of getting stuck in the mud here:

1 | Firstly you need a bag that’s going to go the distance. I’m not a betting man but I’d say there’s a 99% chance of rain knowing our British summers. Make sure your bag is durable and can take a beating. Why not try out the Adidas Climacool Backpack.


2 | Wet wipes- if you want to keep an ounce of decency then forget these at your peril. Use them to wipe everything, and I mean everything.

3 | Waterproof – A light waterproof windbreaker will go a long way this festival season, unless you want to look like a drowned rat don’t forget this. Try the Snowdonia Waterproof Blue Windbreaker.


4 | Contraception- We’ll leave this one here. Need I say more.

5 | Your factor 50 – you’re going to be in the sun for the best part of the day (weather providing of course) unless you want to look like a lobster don’t forget to slap this on.

6 | Vans – nothing quite screams festival footwear like a pair of vans. Durable, stylish and comfortable, need I say more? Get the Vans Dawson White Leather Trainers here.white-leather-vans

7 | Earplugs – you never know you might actually want to catch 40 winks so you’re fresh for the next day of festival antics. Or you might just want to keep the noise from the tent next to you at bay……

8 | Wellies- invest in a good pair of wellies this season and they’ll do you for plenty more to come. Like my mum says, buy cheap buy twice. Check out these Hunter Adjustable Side Wellingtons.


9 | First aid kit- there is going to be scratches bruises and headaches, forget this at your peril.

10 | Sunnies – Make your eyes smile with a good pair of sunglasses. The final piece of the puzzle – try these classic Ray- Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses.



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