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Find your fit.

Suits available in 38-60 inch chest and 32-54 inch waist


Slim line fit is fashionable and flattering

Defined waistline

Fitted trouser leg

Available in 3 jacket and leg lengths

Slim suit


A comfortable fit without compromising style

Relaxed silhouette through the waistline

Comfortable straight leg

Available in 3 jacket and leg lengths

Slim suit

Mix & Match.

You can also mix & match between jacket & trouser sizes to create your perfect suit.

38 UK (inches) 96 EU (cm) S
40 UK (inches) 102 EU (cm) M
42 UK (inches) 107 EU (cm) L
44 UK (inches) 112 EU (cm) L
46 UK (inches) 117 EU (cm) XL
48 UK (inches) 122 EU (cm) 1 XL
50 UK (inches) 127 EU (cm) 1 XL
52 UK (inches) 132 EU (cm) 2 XL
54 UK (inches) 137 EU (cm) 2 XL
56 UK (inches) 142 EU (cm) 3 XL
58 UK (inches) 147 EU (cm) 3 XL
60 UK (inches) 152 EU (cm) 4 XL
36-38 UK (inches) 91-97 EU (cm) S
39-41 UK (inches) 99-104 EU (cm) M
42-44 UK (inches) 107-112 EU (cm) L
45-47 UK (inches) 114-119 EU (cm) XL
48-50 UK (inches) 122-127 EU (cm) 1 XL
52-54 UK (inches) 132-137 EU (cm) 2 XL
56-58 UK (inches) 142-147 EU (cm) 3 XL
60-62 UK (inches) 152-157 EU (cm) 4 XL
64-66 UK (inches) 163-168 EU (cm) 5 XL
29 UK (inches) 74 EU (cm) Short
31 UK (inches) 79 EU (cm) Regular
33 UK (inches) 84 EU (cm) Long



How Long Should My Suit Jacket Sleeves Be?

  • The shirt should be visible
  • However the seam from shirt to cuff shouldn’t be visible
  • Generally around half an inch of shirt should be seen beyond the suit jacket

How Long Should A Suit Jacket Be?

  • If you’re under 5'9" then the jacket length should end mid-crotch
  • If you’re taller than 5'9" it should end a bit lower
  • Approximate length should be the length from where your shoulder meets your neck to your thumb knuckle

How Long Should Suit Trousers Be?

  • Trousers should fall longer at the back of shoe than front
  • The front cuff should rest on shoe to create a small wrinkle ("break")
  • The break should be one horizontal crease, any more and the trousers are too long
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