Top 10: Northern Funny Men

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We love a good comedian here at Jacamo, so we thought we’d bring you our top ten picks of the funniest men about.

Check out our top ten comedians from the North.

Peter Kay

Surely the undisputed northern king of comedy? Peter Kay is not only known for his sell out tours (including the world’s best selling live stand up comedy show in history) but he’s also renown for the brilliant “Phoenix Nights” and “Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere” series. This list wouldn’t be complete without Peter Kay and that’s why he sits right at the top for us.


Jason Manford

Known for both his stand up tours and appearances on comedy panel shows, Jason Manford is another favourite in the Jacamo office. A family man who often uses his family’s everyday antics in his stand up performances, it’s his relatable comedy that gets him near the top of this list for us.


John Bishop

Looking dapper in a smart suit and tie, here’s another comedian who has successfully combined stand up tours with appearances on panel shows. Bishop uses uses references from his home and life experiences to create funny and relatable anecdotes. In particular, we like him on Sky1’s “A League of Their Own” alongside some other great names (including Jacamo’s brand ambassador Freddie Flintoff!).


Lee Mack

A few of the guys in the Jacamo office voted for Lee Mack because of his show “Not Going Out” in which he plays the lead role. Another comedian that started out at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Lee Mack has also featured on panel shows like “Would I Lie to You”.


Johnny Vegas

Some of you may remember Johnny Vegas featuring as the voice-over in our advertisements a while back! He’s the stereotypical northern comedian, but has got plenty of strings to his bow. The Jacamo team like him for his role in hit TV series “Benidorm”.

Paddy McGuinness

Made famous by Peter Kay’s “Phoenix Nights” and “Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere”, Paddy McGuinness’ career has gone from strength to strength over the past few years thanks to Peter Kay. Best known for hosting “Take Me Out”, Paddy is full of great one-liners and has done some side-splitting stand up shows. It’s pretty hard not to like Paddy!


Justin Moorhouse

You might not immediately know who Justin Moorhouse is; most will remember him from Peter Kay’s “Phoenix Nights” as the role as ‘Young Kenny’. Although a lot of his work is on the radio, Justin Moorhouse regularly does stand up shows at smaller venues around the north which are well worth checking out.


Jon Richardson

A popular guest on the panel of “8 Out of 10 Cats”, Jon Richardson often makes jokes with a pessimistic spin on life. It’s his sarcastic and blunt humour that definitely raises a few laughs in the Jacamo office.


Ross Noble

With a career born at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Ross Noble has gone on to have a successful stand up career spanning more than 10 years. Noble’s shows are often based around audience interaction and are largely improvised – a sign of a great comedian! He’s also brought some comedy gold to “Have I Got News for You” a fair few times.

Dave Spikey

Best known for his work with Peter Kay on “Phoenix Nights”, Dave Spikey co-wrote and stared in the comedy series. Spikey’s work on the TV hit makes him more than worthy of this list, let alone his various dabblings in stand up and panel shows.


Do these guys crack you up, or is there someone else that tickles your funny bone?

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